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    An Introduction to Ebb and Flow

    Stormy So back in…2012? Back in the 2.0 days, Wraith had a friend visit him in Colorado and in that time, fully indoctrinated said friend to Cookie. This is how I met Shade. After reading 2.0 Shade…fully became a fanboy, and did what any good fanboy does and immediately write fic starring an OC. (More people should do this. Or at least volunteer for cameos) And he wanted to get the details right, or had questions about how some mechanic worked, or something. So Wraith made a Skype group for the three of us (remember that? remember when Skype was good???) and I clarified whatever he was asking about and…

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    Mirrorheart – Retrospective

    I started writing this retrospective in January, and I’m publishing it at the end of March, to give you some clue of how busy I’ve been outside the world of cookies, hackers and suits. I did a short retrospective for Mirrorfall after it was done, but I don’t think there was much to say. Although the word to word and chapter to chapter content changed; some characters were tweaked a little towards the versions we’d worked on for the last ten years and the tone made slightly less miserable…it was more or less the same book. Stef gets recruited, gets adopted, gets killed. The basic flow and outline didn’t change…

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    An End to 2021, A Start to 2022

    From Alisa Hi everyone! My name is Alisa, I do the voice over for Ash and Blue. I just want to say that this year and the one before have been difficult for a lot of people, but it has been incredible starting my career/hobby in voice work with such an amazing group of people. It has truly been life-changing to join this community and to become friends with the creators. All of the support for this project has become a beacon in my life and I want to thank everyone who has been a part of it from the bottom of my heart. I hope we can continue building…

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    November Update

      I’ve thought about starting this so many times. But. Well, part of it was that time has long since lost all of its meaning; and the other part was the perfect storm of reluctance and executive dysfunction. I’m well aware – more than well aware – that content came to a screaming halt and never really came back. And for once, as I’m come out of another of these funks, I don’t entirely feel at fault for once – for once, I get to blame a major outside force. Covid’s been shit for a lot of creators – lack of inspiration, lack of motivation, doom scrolling instead of creating,…

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    Dude, Where’s My Content?

      This is mainly a supplemental post for those who don’t keep up with the bits of news posted in our Discord server. I just wanted to post a short explanation as to where I’ve been, why I haven’t been posting regularly/responding to comments in a timely manner, etc. Basically, for the last…almost two months now, I’ve been pretty sick. First, it’s not the ‘Rona, lay that worry aside. Without laying out my entire medical history, I’ve got arthritis, and I’m in the process of switching over meds – and this process involves tapering down on one medication I’ve been on for quite a while now, and it’s got some…

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    2020 Retrospective

    Ummm… what a fuckin year that was, yeah? -Shade   The Big, and the Personal These two photos are from the middle of January this year, when the bushfires seemed sure to the defining event of the year. Bad. Like, really bad – people were suffering, koalas got even closer to extinction, and no-one in charge seemed to be doing anything sensible. People were running for the water and hoping the ocean would save them while the sky caught fire. Me and my family were lucky – we live in suburbia, so the worst of it we got was weeks of poor air quality…which lead to the purchase of masks…

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    Happy Birthday, Stef!

    A lof of times, I forget to celebrate or acknowledge Stef’s birthday, but I thought I would make an effort this year. To celebrate, here’s some new art 😀 And there’s definitely nothing else. Definitely don’t keep scrolling. So yep, art, look, comment, go “who made Stef actually wash her hair for once?”, then know you’ve seen everything. Definitely don’t look directly below. …right, there might be one more thing. We’re relaunching the podcast. 🙂 There’s a lot of reasons the original started then stopped, but it’s something that’s been on our minds during the lull. And with 2020 being the Year of Stuff Getting Done – Mirrorfall being finished,…

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    Cameos This is mostly for my own edification (and record-keeping). If you’ve had a cameo (either in new A&B canon, or in previous RC canon), speak up, so that I can make a record of it. 🙂 If you’ve not had a cameo as yet, the best ways are to keep an eye out on the Discord server and our Facebook page – I often throw out a cameo opportunity (in name only is the most common variation), for A) doing me a small favour, like reminding me of a fact/character name, or B) I have a one-time character I need to name, and it’s better than calling everyone “Bob”.

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    Welcome to Ash and Blue Welcome, Old Friends & New Recruits By Stormy By now, hopefully you’d read our announcement on Cookie, if not, read that first. So this is our new site, it’s a work-in-progress leading up to our launch on September 13. Take a look around, see what we’re working on, what we’re going to add, and feel free to point out anything we may have missed. We’ve got quite a few things that the old Cookie site didn’t, including: Content/Trigger Warnings (I’m hitting the major/obvious ones, PM me on Discord if there’s something you need tagged) Worldbuilding info, including definitions and descriptions of terms and magic/tech used within…