Short Stories

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Stormy Sto Helit 2 ebook (1)

A Few Months Before Mirrorfall

To most people, Merlin is Agent Jones' adopted son, a child with a generally bright and sunny disposition, despite the horrors of his childhood.

A few with the right security access know that one of his parents was a demon.

Three people know of the pieces of mirror embedded up and down the boy's spine, and the strange, effortless magic that he's capable of performing with barely a thought.

And all of this is something Jones has to manage, while also running a department in one of the worst-performing Agencies in the world.

Novella: XXk words

Blue Rhapsody

Stormy Sto Helit ebook 1 (1)

1 Year Before Mirrorfall

Michael Hu Luk - known better to himself and the world as Raz - struggles to make it from day to day.

On a bad day, when colours hurt, and the walls are screaming, he receives a kindness that changes his life - a pair of headphones that never tangle, and that repair themselves.

On investigation, they lead him straight to the Agency, and a chance at a different life.

Novella: 20k words

The Auction


Six Months Before Mirrorfall

An auction is being held, where angels fear to tread.

Curt and Magnolia are sent into a lawless part of Faerie to bid on, and rescue, a kidnapped agent.

And for the daughter of the Magpie queen and an ex-Solstice, things are never easy.

Novella: 38k words


Stormy Sto Helit 2

14 Months Before Mirrorfall

Curt's first days as a recruit aren't easy.

All he can hope is that the transfer to Brisbane is a real second chance, and not going from the frying pan to the fire.

Short Story: 18k words

The Twisted Heart

Stormy Sto Helit 1

Seven Years Before Mirrorfall

Long before she finds Ryan again, Stef is given a choice by her father: straighten up and fly right...or lose everything.

Short Story: 20k words

Screen Saver


5 Years Before Mirrorfall

After a boring day preparing a new network, Screen returns to her workplace, and walks into a hostage situation.

Hiding in the storage area, she contacts the Agency, and Jones rushes to organise a rescue before all of her coworkers are killed or taken into Faerie.

Short Story: 12k words

Grit and Dust


Same Year as Mirrorfall

Magnolia collects some old photos from the Agency where she grew up.

Short Story: 3k words


Final Covers

Same Year As Mirrorfall

A short insight into Doctors Parker.

In the Agency, twins are highly valued for their ability to be so much more efficient than a solo agent, but their uniqueness makes them lonely - each set of twins only able to truly understand themselves.

Short Story: 3k words



Sometime Before 1850

The duskers aren't suitable anymore, it's time for a new kind of herald...

Short Story: 3k words