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Happy Birthday, Stef!

A lof of times, I forget to celebrate or acknowledge Stef’s birthday, but I thought I would make an effort this year. To celebrate, here’s some new art šŸ˜€

And there’s definitely nothing else. Definitely don’t keep scrolling.

The Field logo makes its debut in a piece of art, yay!

So yep, art, look, comment, go “who made Stef actually wash her hair for once?”, then know you’ve seen everything.

Definitely don’t look directly below.

…right, there might be one more thing.

We’re relaunching the podcast. šŸ™‚ There’s a lot of reasons the original started then stopped, but it’s something that’s been on our minds during the lull. And with 2020 being the Year of Stuff Getting Done – Mirrorfall being finished, Mirrorheart getting started, new covers done – it seemed like the right time to get things back on track. We’ve engaged a wonderful new VA – Alisa Cristobal (Twitter) and have begun the process of adapting Mirrorfall.

We anticipate at this time to release a couple of chapters a month – so with Mirrorheart, there’ll be at least one new piece of content a week.

The episodes will be available in the usual places – RSS, Spotify, iTunes, etc – though to be extra fancy, we’re also loading them onto YouTube, so wherever you are, and whatever your preferred format, there should be an option for you.

As a special relaunch present, we’ve got the first few chapters available. šŸ™‚

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