Podcast – Episode #10

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Hey Stormy. Want to bounce an idea/offer off you. I work telephone tech support for a cable company. In that capacity, I’ve been told I could do radio. Don’t know how much weight to give it, as it usually comes from nice old ladies that realy, REALY, appreciate a kind listener. But just in case, how about this: I have no idea where or for what/who my voice might be useful. Yet I still volunteer it. You give me a block of text, I record it with whatever feeling seems appropriate. You make the call if you want to use it for anything. Or nothing. No pressure. Seriously. I understand if you want to keep the single-voice style. But don’t feel you need an invented rejection either. Just want to make the offer.

One note on the recording: A few awkward sentence breaks and changeovers from Stef to Ryan might need cleaning up. Nothing major. But serious question: Is gibbering with a soft g a regional thing? An accepted alternate use? I honestly don’t think I’ve ever used it outside of print. Unless you count Mr. T. And he can say whatever he wants however he wants.

Love and cookies, always


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