Question Monday

Question Monday

Does Jonesy have Portal turrets?

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Hopefully not again, half the techs were still terrified last time someone even got the case mod for their pc.

Alexander Hollins

I’m almost positive this was asked on the old site, and I’m copying what I wrote then.

Jonesy pulled his labcoat out before sitting on the plush chair in front of his computer. Settling himself down , a large lump under his ass squirmed and struggled, causing him to jump to his feet. A thin voice came from the can of soda on his seat, inextricably growing arms and eyes. “Excuse me, you’re squishing me!”

His eyes swiveled to the six pack that had been sitting on his desk. Two rings were empty, the other four cans squirming as well.

“I saw it. It was an accident!” “She probably deserved it.” “You have excellent aim.”

He picked up the lone turret can and put it back on his desk, glancing under and around. Rolling his eyes and sighing, he sent a quick text to his department through his HUD.

“Recruits, not funny. Return the turret can to my office, or I DISMISS the companion cube. Also, you will all receive an ‘unsatisfactory’ mark on your official testing record. Followed by death. Thank you! “

I know you're thinking something, Recruit...x