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September 13th

Welcome to Ash and Blue

Welcome, Old Friends & New Recruits

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Any sufficiently disguised magic is indistinguishable from technology.

Sometimes, magic and technology don’t play together well – Which is bullshit, because a stick, used correctly is technology – are you telling me magic can’t effect a stick?

Sometimes, magic and technology sing together, and this is the case here.

The Agency – created by beings you may as well call gods – is staffed by beings equal parts fairy dust and post-singularity technology. Men that are magic and machine without that being a contradiction.

They protect the masquerade, keeping human and fae apart – to the general benefit of both groups.

We like the Agency. They wear suits and they’re fancy. Once upon a time, Agent Ryan rescued a child – and twenty years later, after meeting her again, adopted Stef, because they were each the family they were missing.

Stef made a stupid mistake, and died. Ryan broke a couple of rules, and brought her back to life.

She’s an agent now – and can almost get through the day without asking the IT department to install her favourite video games into her skull. Almost. Not really. She’s pretty awful at almost everything.

But we love her anyway, because she’s a smelly loser who survives mostly on coffee.

So How is This Going To Work?

Every second Friday (bi-weekly, cause Shade and I are the leaders of the useless bisexual people 😛 ), at 13:37pm (l33t o’clock, because I am a dork and this amuses me), the new chapter will drop.

The chapter will have the BuzzSprout embedded podcast chapter (listen on the page or direct download), with links to iTunes and Spotify (those latter two are at the whims of whenever they get processed through the system, so if they are your preferred way of listening, set up your podcatcher 🙂 ).

The text-version of the chapter will also be immediately available (if anyone needs an additional format, such as PDF/Kindle for each chapter for accessibility reasons, PM me on Discord and I can start setting this up ahead of the launch date).

You listen/read, have feelings and chat about it in the comments or on the Discord.

You Keep Mentioning the Discord

I do, don’t I? Come plaaaaay with us.

Ash and Blue

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What About Other Social Stuff?

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How Can I Help?

There’s a few ways:

  1. Encourage us with coffee and chocolate over chat.
  2. Pledge on Patreon
  3. Share one (or more!) of these pull quotes with a link back here.

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