04 - Ebb and Flow

00 – Ebb and Flow – Cover, Warnings and Notes

Welcome to Ebb and Flow, Book #4 of Ash and Blue.

For Stef, it’s time for her first proper steps as an agent – and her first assignment brings her face to face with the undead mermaids that inhabit the river…and the long-ignored reality that they represent.

For Curt, he’s juggling Stef as well as Brisbane’s newest newbie, an international transfer that Ryan has taken in as a favour to be called in later.

And for Vincent, it’s time to figure out how many of Australia’s animals can kill you, and what happens when you get swooped by a magpie.

Ebb and Flow will introduce us to the Phoenix Agency, and as a little cheat sheet, we’ve created a partial organisation chart for your reference.


We will update this as we go, but as a general note going in, we’ll be getting quite a few chapters from a massively traumatised character (Jonathan, this isn’t a spoiler, as the first couple of paragraphs of Chapter #2 will give you a hint as to what we’re in for), and while there isn’t anything directly on-screen (yet – and there might not be), a lot of his thoughts indicate a severe level of abuse. So. Maybe have something sweet to eat, or a plush to cuddle while reading these.

Don’t worry, the jokes are coming, Shade is co-writing with Stormy this time around.

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  • Stormy

    She/her Bi nerd, originally from Brisbane, currently in Melbourne.

  • Shade

    Shade has a strange sense of humour. He met Stormy mostly by accident and, shortly after, wedged himself into her world like he'd been there forever. Again, completely by accident. Living in Utah most of his life, he's come to loathe snow, casserole, and traffic, and enjoys gaming, puns, and gaming puns. He intends to take over the world some day, but is, quite frankly, too lazy to do it.

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