Screen Saver

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  • 2019 Short Stories,  Screen Saver

    05 – Screen Saver

    Someone kicked her. She moaned. ‘Get up!’ She could still taste blood and plastic. ‘Get up!’ Screen brought her hands up and felt disgusted when she found her face semi-glued to the carpet with blood. She hadn’t been out – if she’d been out at all, she could remember the passage of time, even though it was fuzzy – for long. ‘Your turn next, you’ve got to get up!’ A fairy shouted at her as he dragged her to her feet. She immediately went to the wall for balance, her head leaning against the window. The room was half empty, and her headache was three sizes too large. Redness filled…

  • 2019 Short Stories,  Screen Saver

    04 – Screen Saver

    The troll had such a tight grip on her hair that Screen was sure he was going to tear out a clump of her hair. And it was definitely going to be a while before she asked anyone to pull on her hair, which was a shame because there was something a woman with a solid grip on her that made her melt in such a good way. Part of her wondered at her thoughts as the troll marched her back into the main office area, her co-workers unable to express their shock, voices stolen by the silence collars. There were two options: either she was more of a badass…

  • 2019 Short Stories,  Screen Saver

    03 – Screen Saver

    After a few more reassurances from the agent, Jones had disappeared, the webcam feed replaced with what seemed to be a slideshow stream straight out of his memes folder. She watched the volley of pictures, grateful at his attempt to distract her. But it was barely working. There was only so much that cute pictures of kittens could do to combat the fact that she was one shitty hiding space away from being hogtied and shipped off to be sold to someone who – at best – would kill her before eating her. She looked down at her phone and tapped her thumb to keep the screen alive. The chat…

  • 2019 Short Stories,  Screen Saver

    02 – Screen Saver

    As tempting as it was to just head home from the new office, management was always less suspicious of her actions when they saw her at least a few times a day. She’d successfully managed to not do any work for three days, simply by walking past Manager Tom’s office a few times a day with a LAN cable around her neck. She called for a rideshare as she packed her laptop and accessories, then headed for the lift, functional, but still covered in plastic as befitted the work-in-progress building. The car pulled into the side street at the same time as she left the service exit, and she waved…

  • 2019 Short Stories,  Screen Saver

    01 – Screen Saver

    Five Years Before Dorian Knocks The new office was shiny. So shiny. Oh so shiny. It was such a shame that it would be three months before they could actually move into it. Screen flipped to a fresh page of her notebook, wrote down the port numbers, then checked the numbers against the assumed map of the new office layout. It would have been much, much preferred if the map had been finished, but actually signing off on complete work was something that the managers seemed to be almost allergic to. Consequently, the first week in the new office was going to entail a lot of rework, which somehow, they…