Mirrorfall – Chapter List

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Any sufficiently disguised magic is indistinguishable from technology.

Stef has always been alone. Not what her parents wanted or expected, abandoned by family, unable to connect and make friends.

Her days are small, each spent trying to keep on top of her mental health enough to remember to eat, and to occasionally take out the trash. Sometimes, she manages; most of the time, she’s less successful.

The real world is a disappointment, so she throws herself into coding projects, the only place she feels she has some control and talent.

A freelance job makes her realise that the world is far larger than she ever thought: a place where she doesn’t have to choose technology or magic, a reality where they play in harmony.

No matter how wonderful a world with magic is, she’s still a crazy girl who panics at the smallest thing, and there’s no way of knowing if there’s a place for her, or if she’s fated to go back to her small, lonely days.

Her new boss tries to help her see past her self-doubt; and maybe Stef isn’t the only one looking for family.

Magic. Suits. Cookies. Ash & Blue, Book #1, Mirrorfall.