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    Stef: Space for the Ace

      I’m not sure when Stef became ace. For those of you who know the deep time history of the series, back when this was all Matrix fanfic, Stef’s old incarnation wasn’t ace. She was geeky and awkward and not exactly hitting up Tinder every night, but she showed no signs of being ace. Some of her awkwardness around sex and lack of swiping right was undoubtedly a product of her writer at the time – when I was younger, I was…extremely sheltered. I was brought up by my grandmother who always said “boys are for later” so I kind of had that bit of myself repressed to the point…

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    Mirrorfall: A Retrospective

    March, 2003 – “Agents”, a Matrix fanfic is uploaded. December, 2007 – MF1.0, chapter 1 is uploaded June, 2008 – MF1.0, last chapter is uploaded. September, 2018 – MF4.0, chapter 1 is uploaded. June, 2020 – MF4.0, last chapter is uploaded. In that time, I’ve gone from 17 to 35. I’ve grown up, found the love of my life, confronted my mental health issues, had a couple of major breakdowns and a lot of little ones, moved states and continue to find some kind of balance in myself, and some definition of happy that works. Well, I’m adulting, I’m not sure I’ll ever really grow up. The world knows about…